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Repair your television

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It is an age old debate. Fix-itYourself vs. Take it to the Professionals to Repair your television. 

If you search for topics related to “Repair your television” or “Repair your hdtv” you will find many many videos, websites and blogs that will lead you to believe that you can repair and fix any television yourself. You may be able to replace a couple very common pieces yourself, but what do you do with your $1000 LCD television when you can’t repair it yourself? Buy a new television? Throw the old television away? Pay a professional to fix and repair your television?

Here is what we think:

Buy a new television?
Probably not. Let’s face it, you spent hard earned money on that hi-definition television and buying a new one is going to hit you in the pocket book once again. Doesn’t seem like a good idea. You might be tempted to go down to the local big box store and buy another, but you know that high pressure sales people will try to up-sell you on the latest and greatest television and home theater experience, and that will cost you more than you spent in the first place. All the new models have new features that make them more expensive than the older model television. So if you think you can get a new television for the same price or less than the one that is currently in need of repair, then you will have to buy an inferior television and in the end you lose money, time, and the viewing experience that you are accustomed to. Repair your television seems to be the way to go.

Throw the old television away?
With the need for everyone to act, think and support greener and more sustainable efforts in order to help maintain our environment, we believe throwing televisions away is a very poor decision. Televisions are made of plastics and many many caustic chemicals. Not many if any of these materials in a television are recyclable and they do damage to the environment and ecosystems when they are throw in the garbage and end up in a landfill. We believe that if you are serious about “going green” then you should fix and repair all your old and newly broken electronic equipment. No need to throw something away and damage the environment if you can save yourself time and help save the planet by doing this one small thing. PLUS! If you take electronics in for repair and we can’t fix it… and the choice is to buy a new television, we will keep the old television, dismantle it, and reuse, recycle and dispose of all the parts and chemicals in a proper ecologically friendly way. It’s a win-win if you take your television into Consumer Electronics Repair in Colorado Springs. Repair your television is the greenest way to go!

Pay a professional to fix and repair the television?
Yes. And of course that would be our answer. But beware, this industry is heavily littered with frauds. Many shops and fly by night con-artists who have reputations of not communicating with customers, losing customers electronic devices, and simply stealing money in the form of extremely high estimate fees and the inability to deliver on promises of repair. We have been doing business in the same spot for over 30 years right here in Colorado Springs. Our reputation is extremely important to us and treat every repair as if it were the only one we are working on. We have seen shops in the area come and go and have heard all the horror stories of people who went to other shops before discovering Consumer Electronics Repair. Don’t make the same mistake. Try our shop first, then shop around if you are not convinced, we are sure that you will not only be pleasantly pleased, but you will want to tell everyone about the great repair work, the fantastic service, and the no nonsense approach that we incorporate in every single repair job. Repair your television is no risk if you bring it to our shop.

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We Thank You.
And hope to see you in the shop soon (and out of our shop enjoying your fixed television even sooner!).



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