Vintage Stereo Repair

We will service and restore any vintage receiver, pre-amp, or turntable. McIntosh, Bang & Olufson, Pioneer, Marantz, Technics, Yamaha, JVC, Onkyo, Realistic, Thorenz, Frazier, Akai, Carver, Pilot… the list just goes on and on. All of these companies and others made some of the best systems around and still sound better than anything out there if you can take care of it and have it serviced properly.  Some of the best pre-amps and receivers were made in the 1970’s. This was a golden era for electronics. Highly durable materials, immaculate engineering and in the “age of analog”… power was king.  Tube amps are a true gem and should always be restored. The sound produced is richer, fuller, warmer, cleaner, brighter and all around more beautiful and fulfilling than anything that you will find in the current “mp3 driven” market. If you find yourself with one of these units, or are even unsure of what you have or if it’s worth servicing, feel free to call Consumer Electronics Service and pick our brains. We can even have you send it to our offices, fix it like new, and then send it back to you.

So not being local doesn’t mean you are completely out of luck.

Maybe you don’t have a vintage system or a unit sitting in the garage that you just haven’t had time to service. Maybe you are a true “modern audiophile.”  Well you are in luck, because we service and repair all brands of modern high-end equipment. Let us save you money while getting your gem of a system back to like new status. Just give us a call or let us estimate the cost of the repair… and before you know it, you’ll be back to rumbling the rafters.

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