TV Repair Specialists

The Consumer Electronics Repair shop has been in business in the same location in Colorado Springs for over 35 years. Now that is what we call stability. That tradition and experience has allowed us to accumulate knowledge and resources beyond the normal repair shop. It enables us to have stored massive amounts of spare parts for rare and vintage units and the newest technology alike. We are not some fly by night TV repair shop. Our reputation matters and we will always work to improve it!

Not to mention we don’t just do this for a living… vintage electronic repair and restoration is not just a hobby… we truly believe that older units, when taken care of, are far superior to anything that has been released (at a comparable price) in the last 15 to 20 years. That’s saying a lot we know. But that is how passionate we are about what we do. It’s a statement about the times in which we live as much as it is about the quality of sounds we hear. Why waste a moment of your life listening to sub-standard sound? We don’t think that is a very wise use of your time here on this planet.