Over 30 Years of Experience

Posted on October 11, 2009 by

The fact of the matter is this, you don’t need to buy brand new electronics. It’s a myth.
Older electronics often function better than new versions when taken care of and serviced properly. The state of the world economies has a direct effect on the quality and engineering practices of companies that produce home electronics. In the recent past we’ve seen a decline in the quality of materials and engineering of new electronics. Not that these new electronics are necessarily bad, but companies are trying to sell more units while saving on cost. This is understandable, but the consumer loses.
So don’t buy new… fix your old units and you will save money and have a great piece of history in your collection. No matter if it’s a TV, VCR, DVD player… we fix and service anything that can be plugged in that doesn’t store food (this is unless someone put a grilled cheese sandwich inside the BetaMax HiFi you have set up for special occasions).

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